Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

Get innovative solutions to increase direct mail response through omnichannel marketing campaigns — all with the consultative approach you’ve come to know at Century Direct. Starting with deployment strategies, we predict which campaign scenarios will give you the biggest win.

Increase the ROI of direct mail with personalized marketing using addressable advertising

Through accurate, trackable, and transparent targeting, we cross-match physical addresses to IP addresses and mobile ad IDs with greater precision. This enables our clients to maximize advertising dollars by eliminating non-human or poorly targeted traffic, while also increasing digital ad impressions per mail piece with the help of USPS informed delivery.  

More than 52 million customers enrolled in USPS informed delivery. With omnichannel marketing campaigns, you can utilize IP data to integrate your direct mail and digital advertising campaigns for more reach — before and after your mail piece lands in homes.

Timely in-home mail dates

Through strategic planning, our expert postal optimization and logistics management will make sure your mail pieces arrive on time at the correct addresses, while maximizing postage discounts.

Additional digital ads using IP address targeting

By matching IP addresses with physical addresses, we can run additional digital ads campaigns after your mail piece has landed in homes — with more accuracy and precision than other methods that use third party cookies.


What Clients Are Saying

“We have worked with Century Direct on a variety of challenging projects over the last decade.
Eric and his team have been great partners and always strive to find solutions to deliver a top-quality product, often on a tight timeline. We have successfully produced direct mail catalogs and post cards which have helped promote and strengthen our brand’s image.”

— Jenny Roberts, Pologeorgis
  • Back your campaigns with accurate audience insights and data to eliminate wasted direct mail dollars.

  • Analyze digital ads and direct mail responses in real time to refine additional campaigns for maximum performance.

  • Expand your target audience by identifying neighbors of recent customers, leveraging digital ads through canvassing.

1. Gather direct mail marketing lists

We start with a list of mailing addresses from your CRM or supplied by a third party that you want to target.

2. Match IP Addresses

By using first party data points instead of third-party cookies, we match your mailing list to IP addresses.

3. Deploy the Campaign

We serve ads to the devices connected to the IP addresses corresponding to your list.

Century Direct stands out as the preferred choice for companies across diverse industries, offering unmatched expertise and a tailored approach to meet your direct mail needs. Leveraging extensive experience and strategic affiliations, we consistently exceed expectations and help businesses achieve their goals effectively.

Our use of advanced postal technology and data analytics enables real-time tracking of mail pieces, providing actionable insights to optimize campaigns and maximize results. We prioritize data security, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and SOC 2 standards to protect sensitive customer information and uphold trust.

With a dedicated point of contact, we provide personalized support from consultation to analysis, prioritizing your success at every step. Trust Century Direct to deliver exceptional results and propel your direct mail campaigns through new, innovative, integrated deployment strategies.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Omnichannel Marketing services can help you target your audience precisely and maximize your ROI. Let’s integrate direct mail campaigns with digital ads with strategy first! 

Do Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns use cookies?

No. Our IP Data Provider is 100% cookie-free and uses IP addresses to serve digital ads and direct mail pieces to real people directly on their device or in their mailbox. That prevents wasted advertising dollars and eliminates ad fraud.

Where will my ads appear and how do I control who sees my ads?

We have the potential to publish ads on over 1 million websites including popular sites such as the Weather Channel, ESPN, Yahoo, USA Today, Forbes,, and CNN. 

Through our IP Data Provider, we’re able to match IP addresses to physical addresses using geolocation and visitation data so you know exactly who your ads are going to. This also enables audience segmentation to deliver more relevant, hyper-personalized messages.