Political Mailers and Direct Mail Services

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Looking to win your next election? Today’s campaign world is constantly changing and political advertising is essential to a win in the polls. We’re experienced in working with agencies that specialize in political messaging and can help walk you through the entire process – determining the most efficient and effective manner to produce and distribute your campaign message to the targeted audience at just the right time. Century Direct offers direct mail marketing services that can help get the votes you need! Learn more about how direct mail marketing works and how it can benefit your political campaign.

What is Direct Mail Marketing for Political Mailers?

Direct mail marketing, besides being wonderful for political campaigns, is a type of marketing that sends physical mail to potential or current customers. This can be in the form of letters, postcards, catalogs, and more. It’s a way to physically reach out to your audience and get their attention.

How Effective is Direct Mail Marketing for Political Campaigns?

A recent study found that out of the top three most credible political outreach techniques: direct mail sent to homes, TV ads, and visits to residents from campaign volunteers and staff, voters in the survey said that the most credible form of political outreach among the three was direct mail. More importantly, 46% of those voters said that political direct mail influenced their voting decision. With great cost-effectiveness also factoring into the process, direct mail marketing might be the key if you’re looking to win your next election.

Direct Mail Services for Political Mailers

Direct mail services for political mailers, especially those focused on ballot initiatives and voter messaging, encompass a range of specialized services designed to effectively communicate campaign messages to targeted voter groups. These services include:

  • Targeted Mailing Lists: providers create or access lists of voters based on specific criteria such as demographics, voting history, political affiliation, and geographic location.
  • High-Quality Digital Printing: This is a great way to save time and money by printing your direct mail pieces on demand.
  • Offset Printing and Full Bindery: This is a more traditional printing method that can be used for larger print runs.
  • Direct Mail Fulfillment: We can take care of the entire process from start to finish, including printing, addressing, and mailing your direct mail pieces.
  • Packaging: We can help you choose the right packaging for your direct mail piece to make sure it sets you apart and elevates your campaign.
  • Hand Assembly: Good for a customized project that needs a little more TLC. The unusual will garner attention, so feel free to let us help you stand out!
  • Mailing Service and Intelligent Mail Tracking: These features take the guesswork out of the mail process by using in-house postal acceptance, allowing us to track your project as it travels throughout the postal system. Plus, the electronic tracking reporting provided by these innovations helps coordinate your other marketing endeavors with the mail.

Score a Win in the Polls with Direct Marketing!

We live in a campaign environment that is constantly evolving. As such, political advertising is essential to score a win in the polls. Century Direct is experienced in working with various agencies that specialize in political messaging and will help walk you through the entire campaign process from end to end. We’ll get in the trenches with you to determine the most efficient and effective way to produce and get your campaign message out to your target audience at just the right time.

So, if you’re ready to get started with direct mail marketing for your political campaign, Century Direct is here to lend you a hand. We offer a variety of services to fit your needs and can work with you to create a custom direct mail piece that will grab attention and get results. Visit our website or give us a call today at 212-763-0600 to learn more!