Direct Mail Marketing for Retail Brand Development

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Direct mail marketing campaigns are an essential part of developing greater brand awareness among your target audience. Emails and social media posts are beneficial for reaching out to your company’s customers, but print communications are still the most effective way to spread the word about your retail business.

Receiving a flyer or catalog in the mail establishes a personal bond between your company and its customers, and bringing printed products into their home creates a physical presence of your retail brand that serves as a reference when it is time to go shopping or request special services.

Using direct mail products for your retail brand development plan is easy when you work with a company that has decades of experience with handling each step of the process. Whether you’ve got a giant corporation or a small mom and pop shop, our team has the expertise you need to make your print communications stand out in the mail.

Direct Mail Marketing

The most successful direct mail marketing campaigns utilize a variety of different print products that are all carefully selected to convey the message and tone that best represents your company’s brand. Our crew of experts has experience working with luxury brands such as Sephora, Saks Fifth Avenue and Louis Vuitton to create a plan that incorporates some or all these types of direct mailers:

  • Postcards
  • Letters
  • Flyers
  • Catalogs
  • Paper gifts
  • 3D mailers

Retail Marketing Services

Brand development for retail businesses is a constantly evolving process that requires paying attention to the latest trends among the target audience along with how people respond to the company’s current efforts.

Quality printing is essential for making sure that your brand is represented with professionalism that generates trust among prospective customers. Logo printing should be on par with your brand’s dedication to always striving for perfection, and we have state-of-the-art equipment that makes it possible to create crisp and clear printed pieces that visibly convey the value of the message.

Our digital printing services also make it possible to easily share files during collaborations so that every piece of the plan is executed swiftly and with close communication that minimizes the risk of mistakes. With Mail Innovations tracking rounding out the final stages of our retail marketing services, you’ll find that you always have peace of mind regarding how and when the print products are launched.

Retail Marketing Consulting

Many of the biggest companies we’ve worked with need assistance with creating a marketing plan, and we can help you with every stage of expanding brand awareness. If your company is still trying to work out a logo that customers instantly recognize, then our creative team of experts will help you find the right image, slogan and color scheme to fit your brand.

Our concierge approach also involves looking at your company’s current retail marketing plan. After reviewing what your business is currently doing to recruit new customers and retain your current ones, we’ll make recommendations about which print materials are best to send out and when.

For example, postcards are excellent for sending out a quick message to the target audience about an upcoming event or new product launch. Flyers also work well for giving people an opportunity to see the latest news about your brand.

For bigger sales initiatives, we can help you generate catalogs that highlight your brand’s best products while demonstrating the high level of care that your company puts into making sure that even their print products are made from quality materials.

Once you’ve got your products selected and ready to launch, we can help your company determine exactly where to send them to get the desired response. Choosing to send special offers to a specific zip code helps you to establish greater brand awareness where it counts.

Then, you can use the best mail tracking services to identify when and where your mailers land so that you can begin analyzing the success rate of your recent campaign. Having all of the data you can get regarding the most recent direct mail marketing campaign makes it easier to strategize even more effectively in the future.

Leverage Your Retail Brand with Direct Mail Marketing Support

At Century Direct, our team understands that a successful direct mail marketing campaign is all about making sure that the right information reaches your preferred customers within an effective time frame.

When you choose to work with our team, your company benefits from specialized support that includes tapping into what your brand represents and creating a plan to make sure its message gets in the hands of prospective and established customers.

With services that include everything from the early planning stages of your campaign to reports on the final receipt of your message to the customer’s home, you’ll see why we are considered to be the one-stop shop for all of your direct mail marketing needs.

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