• Century Direct is a marketing services provider that will work through your most difficult marketing & communications projects.

  • Using a variety of channels, we deliver best in class consultation
    and targeted communication services.

  • We use Data to maximize the effectiveness
    of your marketing and communication campaigns.

  • Digital and Offset Printing bring your messages to life.

  • We track your messages all the way to your intended recipients.

  • The Way We Put it All
    Together is What Sets Us Apart

Who We Are

Century Direct started as a letter company in 1932, providing personalized letter services to marketing executives in Manhattan and the New York Metro area. Letterpresses were used to print the bodies of letters and a staff of typists completed the letters by filling in the name, address and salutation of the recipients; hence “Century Full Fill-in Letter Services.” Envelopes were addressed by typing the information directly on the piece. We were truly a letter company.

Today technology enables us to understand your audience better, to find prospects that match your best customer profiles, to deliver textual and graphical messages that mean something to your targeted prospects. We deliver those messages through a range of channels, both digital and traditional.

We know that to be effective for our customers we need to be available as consultants to help design and execute campaigns in a coordinated fashion. All of the disparate disciplines associated with direct marketing production are present within our organization. Please feel free to call us during the brainstorming stage of a campaign and we will be happy to give you our best advice as to how to execute the campaign without a hitch.

The way we put it all together is what sets us apart.

Our Team


Jerome Nassau

When Jerry Nassau joined Century Direct in 1986 he employed his deep knowledge of business administration and computer programming to develop a fully integrated proprietary software package to keep track of all of the myriad details involved in producing direct mail communications. Since those early days Jerry has transformed the system into one geared to make our workflow transparent to the client who uses our services, so that mission critical information can be returned to the client from anywhere. Jerry’s work has allowed Century Direct to grow while continually controlling the large number of small and medium size jobs that flow through our shop. Data integration, security, database management, customized programming and more occur under Jerry’s watchful eye.

Michael Kellogg

Chief Executive Officer
Mike Kellogg has been with Century since 1983. He spends most of his time with business development, strategy and industry outreach. He is also the functional head of human resources at Century Direct, working to keep all people moving in the same direction. Mike is the Immediate Past Chairman of the Epicomm, a national organization dedicated to the education of its members, and to advocacy for the direct marketing community at the state and national levels He is a licensed attorney in the State of New York and a member of the Labor Law and Corporate Counsel Sections of the NYS Bar Association.

Lawrence Korek

Chief Marketing Officer
Lawrence Korek brings a long history of business development to Century Direct, having been a principal of Mailhandlers Printing and Mailing Inc. when it merged with Century Direct in 2001. Lawrence is a respected professional who is considered more a business partner by his clients than a vendor because he completely immerses himself in developing solutions for his clients. His longtime work in developing and executing winning strategies with political persuasion consultants makes him a go to guy for all of their political printing and mailing needs. A long list of non profit organizations have benefited from his deep involvement in planning and execution of acquisition and maintenance programs.

Eric Seid

Chief Operating Officer
Eric Seid is always one of the first people in the office in the morning. He spends the first part of every day reviewing the daily schedules and making sure that all of our department supervisors are on top of the work in their areas so that deadlines are met. He knows that the devil is in the detail and takes plenty of time understanding how the work load meets our capacity. Eric works closely with the General Manager to insure that “hot spots” are attended to, that the Postal Service is aware of and taking care of mail induction and that our systems are adhered to. Eric also spends time with clients, explaining better ways to do things and where we can really add value to their production requirements. He is an expert in all things postal.

Chris Callahan

General Manager
Chris Callahan has spent a lifetime in the printing and imaging world, spending years working in the production of high fidelity magazine printing, where color and image are paramount. The production of a deadline driven, high quality magazine requires attention to process and procedure, characteristics he brings to Century Direct. All production management staff reports to Chris as does the Customer Service Department. Chris knows Century’s long reputation working with premiere clients and values those reputations. His daily goal is to produce the highest quality graphical communication, on time and on budget for all of our clients.

Chris Kane

Chief of Technology
Chris Kane knows the ropes when it comes to delivering files to CTP or writing personalization routines for highly targeting communications. The future is now and Chris spends long hours planning and playing with all of the tools at his disposal to put out best in class digital and offset printing processes and managing output. Procedures are the key to quality output time after time and Chris is a stickler for procedure. His 30 years of experience has taken him from the days of typesetting, cameras and stripping to the modern era of VDP and CTP and so he knows the business from the ground up.

What We Do

Data Management

Our highly skilled tech staff will work on your data in a safe and secure environment, maximizing the effectiveness of marketing to your selected target while employing sophisticated algorithms to minimize your postage costs.

Digital Printing

Working from a final data set and a selection of images relevant to that set, one to one target marketing comes alive through digital printing.

Offset Printing and Full Bindery

Sometimes a static image tells the whole story when combined with a data set appropriate for that image. We have all the offset equipment in house to print everything you need.

Addressing & Inserting

Once the piece is printed we have all the resources in our plant to apply targeted names and addresses to printed material with our high speed inkjets. We can also insert and address all in line with our best in class read and print technology. No more mismatches!

Hand Assembly

Some things simply can’t be done by machines. Sample bags, fancy invitations, intricate folds, pocket folders. We have a careful and attentive staff that knows that these types of jobs are going to your top clients and need to be perfect.

Mailing Services and Intelligent Mail Tracking

We are Full Service Compliant, which means we prepare mail to meet the highest efficiency standards of the Postal Service. We control your mail to a point as close to the delivery address as possible and provide sophisticated tracking and reporting to you.


Our FDA certified packaging division is here to augment all of your direct marketing activities. We are fully equipped to build almost any type of marketing or point of purchase package for any sort of campaign.

The Way We Put It All Together is What Sets Us Apart

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