Automotive Direct Mail Marketing

“We build solutions.”

The automotive industry is highly competitive, which makes getting your brand into the public eye crucial for customer acquisition and retention. Whether your company is a car dealership, auto detailer or repair shop, your primary goal is to spread the word about your business as far as possible among the target audience.

Automotive direct mail marketing is a helpful tool to include in your plans that drive more traffic to your business, and Century Direct has put together a comprehensive set of services that makes meeting every campaign’s goals easier.

Direct Mail Marketing Services for the Automotive Industry

Digital marketing campaigns are still helpful for building brand awareness, but direct mail has a stronger effect on the target audience. While a prospective customer might click away from a promotional email, your company’s message is harder to ignore when it sits directly in their hands.

Our auto marketing services begin with a get-to-know-you session where we can get an idea of your company’s goals, budget and timeline. We’ll also work with you to identify the ideal customer, which allows us to create a customized direct mail campaign that targets their needs and desires for automotive services.

Digital Printing Services

Creating quality direct mail pieces is more advanced than the outdated single-color flyers that you used to see in the past. Our upgraded equipment and technology allow us to implement strategies such as adding a QR code to mailing pieces so that a prospective customer can take immediate action to connect with your company.

Our state-of-the-art printing equipment also creates clear, crisp images that show off the best features of the vehicles that you have on sale or your company logo. We can also print on a variety of materials that allow you to choose virtually any form of medium to send out your campaign mailers.

Mail Innovations Tracking

Trackable mailing services put you in the driver’s seat for making informed decisions about your campaign and other essential business moves. Being able to see exactly when a targeted mail delivery was made makes it possible to respond to the recipients in a timely manner.

Whether you want to prep your sales team for a sudden inflow of new customers, or you want to analyze the results of a recent lead generation campaign, our tracking services put all the information you need at your fingertips.

Auto marketing

Developing auto marketing campaigns takes a keen eye for detail since your customers will gauge the mail they receive to determine whether your company is credible. Our past work demonstrates our ability to create direct mail pieces that make the recipient feel like a special guest when they are invited to attend a grand opening or visit your dealership to test drive the latest new vehicle.

Mailing and Printing Services

Customer acquisition is only one of the many ways that we can drive your company’s growth. Our direct mail automotive marketing services also include making it easy to send out personalized mail that generates a one-on-one response.

With certified data management professionals working on your company’s behalf, you can quickly send out personalized messages with insertion and addressing precision that ensures every detail is correct.

Commercial Printing

Large-scale direct mail campaigns need printing services that can print out envelope mailers and other products efficiently without sacrificing quality. We’ve cultivated an assortment of Canon, IBM, Xerox and Oce web digital and sheetfed devices that have the ability to quickly assemble all of the direct mail materials your business requires.

Brochure Printing Services

The beauty of a full-color, glossy brochure that is printed on heavyweight paper is almost as gorgeous as a pristine paint job on a new luxury vehicle. When your customers appreciate the finer things in life, you can bet that they’ll notice every detail in a colorful brochure. Our brochure printing services use quality materials that make graphics pop.

Drive Growth With Our Direct Mail Services

If your current marketing plan seems like you’re just spinning your wheels, then it’s time to take things in a new direction. Our team at Century Direct is ready to help you begin putting direct mail into your target audience’s mailboxes for a personalized touch that inspires them to follow your call to action. Look at our success story with JMG that drove up auto sales by 400% or contact our team today.